Install, Configure and Connect Collect, View and Analyze

Manufacturers can move Toward Zero unplanned downtime and waste by knowing and taking action on what is happening in their process right now. At R.O.Why, we engineer, install, configure and connect the tools they use to collect, view and analyze this information. This means less time is spent fixing breakdowns and that less waste is produced – so manufacturers can focus on what they do best – manufacturing. Imagine what it will mean to your business when you–when everyone–can make better, faster decisions with significant impact to the bottom line. Moving Toward Zero unplanned downtime and zero unplanned waste means taking the steps necessary to collect and use the data available from your people, processes and materials. Once you have rich data, you can use the technology tools at your disposal to analyze your processes and expose opportunities for improvement and failure prevention. You may never get to zero unplanned downtime and zero unplanned waste, but by moving Toward Zero, you increase profitability along the way. Do you want to take steps to move your business Toward Zero? Give us 30 minutes, we’ll show you how.

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