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Manufacturers like you are under more pressure today than ever before. Agility is essential. Today you are not only expected to make things faster, better, and cheaper, but also anywhere, anytime, and in any number of different packages. Managing operations with visibility to what is happening right now isn’t even enough, you have to predict what will happen with your equipment, material, and people. We can help.

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Pumping the data

The Challenge: An automotive transmission pump manufacturer was experiencing frequent micro-downtime events with an unknown cause.  The machine tool would would stop producing with no clear indication why.  Operators required technicians to reset and restart the equipment and it’s peripherals and after a few hours, experienced the same situation…reset, restart. This cost operators about 1 hour…

The Tie That Binds

The Challenge: A bearing manufacturer was experiencing downtime in a machining cell. Determining the cause, using Data:   The Savings:   The Watchdog:  

PLC Modernization

02/2014 Every one of you in the business of automation and manufacturing information technology, has been faced with the need to modernize the technology that your company uses to manufacture. As technology reaches obsolescence, the supportability becomes more complex to sustain. In the world of automation controllers, vendors support their automation platforms for decades –…

Customer Service is not Dead

When I started R.O.Why, my whole vision was (and is) to find ways to contribute to my customers’ success – surround myself with like-minded employees and affiliate R.O.Why with companies and rep firms that share my vision.  Whenever I talk about it, people get excited, you can see it in their face.  This kind of…

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